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Greenlane Update, January 2024

Welcome to our monthly recap, where we combine the latest in the RNG industry with exclusive Greenlane Renewables updates, as we collectively navigate the path to a more sustainable future.

We kick off the new year with a special introduction letter from our new VP of Sales & Marketing, Frank Burkus. Get ready to hear firsthand about the exciting developments at Greenlane and vision for the future.

The Greenlane Renewables Team

Happy New Year and a prosperous 2024 to our Greenlane Digest family!

In October 2023 I started as the VP Sales & Marketing. Our tagline of "Accelerating the Energy Transition'' is why I joined Greenlane Renewables as I strongly believe that business which helps the greater good is good business. All my career, I've been focused on building, developing and leading global teams to profitable growth and I am passionate about meeting our customer's needs and helping make our world a better place than it was before. Over the past three months, I have had the opportunity to visit with our customers and the excitement that they have for RNG is contagious.

The RNG space is in a tremendous growth phase globally, and Greenlane is at the forefront of that growth with over 140 systems installed around the world. Over my first three months, I have had the chance to visit with our team, customers and industry partners and I have been impressed by the scale and energy behind the opportunities for RNG globally. The entire industry, including developers, EPCs, owner operators and even the final gas off take organizations are bullish about the future. The market has a significant growth trajectory with Boston Consulting predicting a 13% annual CAGR from 2020 to 2040 in the US alone. This market will continue to grow globally and be a significant factor in global decarbonization efforts for years to come.

One specific area that is poised to drive this growth is the food & agricultural waste sector. According to the United Nations, approximately 30% of the world's food goes to waste. To compound this issue, the waste ends up generating 6 to 8% of the human generated global greenhouse gas emissions according to the World Wildlife Fund. The industry is tackling this issue by utilizing anaerobic digestion to turn this variable source of scrap into biogas. Greenlane Renewables has a variety of upgrading solutions which can transform this biogas stream into pure RNG which is suitable to be injected into the grid or used as transportation fuel.

Greenlane's Cascade H2O series of upgrading solutions are the gold standard for efficiently and cost effectively turning biogas into >99% pure RNG for difficult to upgrade biogas streams including those from food and agriculture waste.

Greenlane's upgrading solutions are not limited to Water Wash technology, as we are the only leading biogas upgrading equipment supplier to offer the three most popular technologies including water wash (Cascade H2O), PSA (Cascade PSA LF) and membrane (Cascade MS). Additionally, we provide pretreatment and post treatment solutions including Cascade H2S, our state of the art regenerative hydrogen sulfide removal system. 

Click here for additional product information.

Should you have any questions about Food / Agriculture or any other gas upgrading need please contact us at salesna@greenlanerenewables.com.

Thanks and I look forward to a great 2024 as we Accelerate the Energy Transition together.


Frank Burkus
VP Sales & Marketing
Greenlane Renewables


News Updates

International Energy Agency Includes a Special Section Dedicated to Biogas

In their most recent renewable energy market report “Renewables 2023”, the International Energy Agency (IEA) dedicated a special section to biogas. This was the first time that the IEA has dedicated a section to biogas in this annual series of publications which contain analysis of global trends in renewable energy markets.

Specifically for the U.S. market, the IEA forecast biogas and RNG volumes to grow 2.1-fold over the next five years, with the new RFS Set Rule, LCFS incentives, and projects currently under development cited as catalysts. Click here to read the section on biogas and biomethane in the IEA's Renewables 2023 report.


Florida Looking to Lead the Way for the Use of Clean and Renewable Energy Sources

Florida leaders are making energy a priority in the upcoming legislative session. Not only do they recognize the importance of safe, reliable, and affordable energy but they also understand the state’s potential to be a significant player in the production and utilization of clean, sustainable domestic energy sources.

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CARB Proposes Steep CI Reduction Targets

The California Air Resources Board (CARB) proposes steep CI reduction targets in the recent publication of the draft rulemaking for California’s Low Carbon Fuel Standard (LCFS).

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