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Why Greenlane?

Converting biogas to high purity biomethane isn’t quite as simple as one solution fits all. Every biogas upgrading project requires its own unique solution, depending on the feedstock of the raw biogas and its composition and levels of impurities;  the size of the project (in terms of biogas flow rates); and the end use for the RNG (namely, the vehicle or pipeline-specification requirements). Greenlane works with customers to identify the right biogas upgrading solution. 

Full-system solutions, featuring three leading upgrading technologies

Greenlane is the only biogas upgrading company to offer multiple core technologies: water wash, pressure swing adsorption (PSA), and membrane separation. Our goal is to design and deliver solutions that provide the best technical fit and economic returns to the customer on every project. This means lowest upfront investment, lowest operating cost, and highest biomethane recovery (which translates into maximum RNG offtake revenue).

More than just equipment suppliers, we’re project development partners

We’ve built a team with deep technology and implementation expertise who collaborate with our customers to evaluate project objectives and identify solutions that work, from the right choice of technology for the project, to advising on and enlisting partners to assist with the spectrum of project development activities from financing and siting, through permitting, and RNG off-take.

Greenlane™ is registered to the internationally recognized quality, health and safety standards ISO 9001-2015 and ISO 45001-2018. 

Is a Greenlane™ upgrading solution right for your operation?

You tell us


Why RNG?

Recycles organic waste into a valuable resource
Adds no new carbon to the atmosphere
Is clean, endlessly renewable energy source
Reduces our dependence on fossil fuels
Can replace natural gas in transportation applications to reduce GHG emissions
Addresses global regulatory GHG emission-reduction requirements
Can be injected directly into natural gas pipelines to green the natural gas distribution network
Creates attractive new revenue streams for waste producers and creates local jobs